Senior CV deep learning engineer (Synthetic data)

Apple Cupertino, CA
senior deep learning learning engineer synthetic data learning data apple deep learning synthetic machine learning datasets
March 24, 2023
Cupertino, CA


Posted: Mar 22, 2023

Role Number:200470811

We are seeking an experienced computer vision deep learning engineer with a strong background in synthetic data generation and domain adaptation between real and synthetic data. The ideal candidate will have a proven track record of delivering successful computer vision applications, with experience in developing and deploying deep learning models in production environments.

Key Qualifications

  • Develop and deploy deep learning models to solve computer vision problems using synthetic data and domain adaptation between real and synthetic data (hands, body, face preferred)
  • Build and maintain high-quality datasets, including synthetic data, for use in training and testing machine learning models.
  • Analyze and interpret data, develop insights, and communicate findings to collaborators.
  • Work collaboratively with computer vision researchers, software engineers, and other collaborators to design and develop scalable and reliable computer vision applications.
  • Conduct research on developing novel deep learning algorithms and architectures that can be used to reduce domain gap between real and synthesized datasets.
  • Stay up-to-date with the latest developments in deep learning/computer vision and related fields, and evaluate new tools and technologies for potential integration into our computer vision applications.


At least 3 years of experience in developing and deploying deep learning models for computer vision applications, with a focus on synthetic data generation and domain adaptation between real and synthetic data. A strong understanding of deep learning frameworks such as TensorFlow or PyTorch, JAX. Experience with data preprocessing, feature engineering, and data visualization. Strong programming skills in Python or similar languages. Strong communication and collaboration skills, with the ability to work effectively in a team environment. Consistent track record of researching, inventing and/or shipping advanced machine learning algorithms Solid mathematical foundation of machine learning and deep learning techniques (linear algebra, optimization theory, ...) Optional : Familiarity with real time / path tracing renderers (VRay, Arnold, Unreal Engine, ...) Optional : Familiarity with cloud-based machine learning platforms, such as AWS or GCP Optional : Familiarity with content creation tools (Maya, Houdini, ... )

Education & Experience

A Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Mathematics, or a related field. A Master's degree or PhD is preferred.

Additional Requirements

Pay & Benefits

  • At Apple, base pay is one part of our total compensation package and is determined within a range. This provides the opportunity to progress as you grow and develop within a role. The base pay range for this role is between $130,000 and $242,000, and your base pay will depend on your skills, qualifications, experience, and location.

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