Tesla Internship Summer 2023 Electrical Design in Lake Forest

Tesla Lake Forest, California
electrical electrical design design design electrical voltage distribution coordination team low voltage mv power distribution technical
March 23, 2023
Lake Forest, California

Job Description:

Tesla is seeking a highly motivated Electrical Design Intern for Gigafactory Berlin-Brandenburg. The Gigafactory design team drives to create the factory of the future by overseeing the design of cutting-edge l.arge-scale equipment and utility systems in support of highly innovating manufacturing processes.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Gain knowledge about medium voltage and low voltage breaker coordination, selectivity, developing time-coordination curves, and load flow studies.

  • Work with MV switchgears, transformers, LV main switchgears and LV main- and sub-distribution panels as well as secondary systems, like protection, control, interlock, and communication systems.

  • Participate in design and coordination of medium voltage and low voltage power distribution throughout site including both underground and above ground installations.

  • Closely work with external stakeholders and other teams like construction, quality, testing and commissioning.

  • Support dimensioning and technical parameters for power distribution systems, equipment, and components.

  • You will co-participate in initial detailed design development and carefully balance product specifications, equipment and component requirements, layout complexity, cost, quality and lead-time limits. Mains tasks:.

  • Understanding of schematics and layouts of power supply systems, equipment, and distribution panels with single lines, wiring diagrams, as well as definition and technical data of components and cables.

  • Learn how to manage contractors to optimally execute scopes of work.

  • Participate in Tesla specification and standard creation.

  • Work on MV and LV cable routing for all electrical systems with trays, ladders, and conduit, including both underground and above ground installations.

  • Understanding of controls for lighting systems, both indoors and outdoors.

  • Help to coordinate underground electrical routing with other site utilities such as piping.

Job Requirements/Qualifications:

  • A strong team player.

  • Fluency in English.

  • Studying in a relevant field such as Electrical Engineering.

  • Evidence of exceptional ability.

  • Capable of working in a fast paced and always changing environment.

  • Analytical mindset and problem-solving oriented.

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